Legal Video Services In Pensacola & NW Florida

We understand that Law Firms, Attorneys, and Investigators have specialized needs when it comes to video and audio services. At Choice Video, we offer a line of products and services that address those special needs.

Our Legal Video Services include:

  • Video Depositions
  • Editing of Video Depositions
  • Video Taping IME's
  • Day in the Life Documentaries
  • Video Settlement Brochures
  • Client Biographies
  • Micro Cassette Conversion
  • Video Production & Editing
  • Still photos from video
  • Video & Audio Enhancement
  • Video to DVD or CDROM
  • Free Pick-up and Delivery in Gulf Breeze, Navarre, and Pensacola

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Effective Visual Evidence Professionally Produced for Settlement & Litigation

Video Depositions
Reliability, flexibility, quality, and prompt turn-around are the cornerstones of our video deposition services. These are the qualities attorneys and court reporters are looking for and are exactly what we provide on each and every project. We also provide a complimentary digital audio file of every deposition to the court reporter involved.
Day in the life documentary
A descriptive visual record of the daily struggles and activities a person must endure due to the injury or negligence caused by another. Also referred to as "Activities of Daily Living", these films portray a typical day in the life of an injured person including therapy, treatments, social interaction, occupational, and recreational activities.
Video Settlement brochure
A powerful visual tool used in pre-trial hearings and mediations to prove liability, demonstrate causation, substantiate damages, and leverage just settlements. Our Video Settlement Brochures are produced in documentary style with professional narration. Video Settlement Brochures illustrate unique characteristics of the case including; interviews with family members, key visual exhibits, expert witness interviews, use of still pictures and home movies if available, day in the life footage, animations, and more.
Client biography
Client biographies are 15-25 minute films depicting the personal story of an individual whose life has been permanently altered or ended through the fault or negligence of another. Using still photographs and video, combined with interviews of family & friends, the viewer is exposed to the special qualities of your client and the impacts (both financial and emotional) that have resulted from the tragedy. Client biographies are not produced to be evidence admissible but can be used in mediation as powerful settlement tools.

Questions and Answers

Can you produce still photos from video?
YES. We can produce photo images from video and surveillance systems. We can zoom, enlarge and enhance your images up to a point depending on the quality of the original source. We can provide both printed images and digital images for your use.
Can I get my videotape footage on DVD or CD?
YES. We can transfer your video and images to either DVD or CD, from virtually any format.
What if I need my transfer done and copies made for a court date tomorrow?
Not a problem. We offer RUSH services for next day, or even same day, depending on your needs. If rush service is needed, you’ll want to call us as early in the day as possible so we can get working on your order. We also offer weekend service if needed.
I just need the audio, not the video...
We can transfer the audio from your video onto CD or audio cassette. We can reduce background hum, equalize and enhance tracks and optimize the volume on your audio recording.